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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Uniden Releases 4 New CB Radio Speakers

Uniden America (known for their line of CB radios and accessories) as just released 4 new CB radio speakers.  The new Bearcat line of CB radio speakers has been expertly designed for both looks and functionality.

The Uniden Bearcat BC7 is a compact 7 watt CB speaker that replaced the old ESP5.  Since most CB radios can only ouput 7 watts of power through the external speaker jack, Uniden decided to give their entry line speaker the most power a radio can give it.  A compact CB radio speaker (only 3 1/2") like the BC7 can be mounted almost anywhere.

This great looking design is the Bearcat BC15 CB external speaker.  This speaker has an output power capacity of 15 watts and the Bearcat logo embossed on the front.  This standard 4" case has a 3 1/2" internal speaker inside as well as a new noise blanking feature to reduce or eliminate unwanted noises from the speaker.

If silver is not your color, you may want to consider the Bearcat BC20 CB external speaker.  This design is similar to the BC15 with the exception of a full 4 1/2" internal speaker giving it the ability to handle up to 20 watts of power.  The Bearcat BC20 has a noise blanking feature to help eliminate unwanted sounds for better clarity.

The Bearcat BC23A CB radio speaker looks a lot like the BC20 except for the fact that it has a built-in amplifier!  The BC23A is a 15 watt external CB radio speaker with a 3 1/2" internal speaker but with the added help of an 8 watt amplifier can boost the power to 23 watts!  If you want the most out of a CB speaker, the Uniden BC23A is your answer.