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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Uniden BC23A Amplified Speaker - Worth Buying?

The Uniden BC23A external speaker has been around for a few years now. The one feature that sets it apart from other speakers is the built-in amplifier which gives you much better sound than a typical speaker. The speaker can be used in commercial vehicles and the driver will actually be able to hear the audio over engine noise quite easily.

Uniden BC23A Amplified Speaker
 Of course, in addition to plugging it into a CB radio or scanner, the Uniden BC23A must also be plugged into a power source. (usually direct to the battery) You can also purchase a seperate cigarette lighter plug and use the 12 volt power connector in your vehicle to power the speaker. The BC23A also has a built-in noise filter for greater sound quality. In short, the Uniden BC23A amplified speaker can be extremely useful in a noisy atmosphere with fear of not being able to hear the audio. For the price, this speaker is not only helpful to the commercial industry but also with the general public.